4 Basic Steps to Organizing a Bridal Shower

If you have been given the task of organizing a bridal show, then you will know it will be a fun and creative endeavour that will give a lasting memory to the bride and everyone involved. How you want the bridal shower to be themed is will entirely depend on how elaborate or simple you want it to be. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it an unforgettable event. There are however, some key steps that you must follow and plan ahead before starting on the bridal shower. It is important to create a guest list, the venue, time and theme the shower accordingly. You must theme it in a way that it matches the wedding and its colours. Find below some steps that you can consider when planning a bridal shower.

Make the Guest List

Except the shower is an astonishment for the bride, it would be better to get the bride’s idea on who she wants to be present. It is important that you write down the list of guests that she wants to invite and get their addresses so that you can send them invitations. Typically, a bridal shower is an intimate event with only a few close friends and family to celebrate the giving away of the bride. All the guests who are invited for the bridal shower should be invited for the main ceremony as well.

Determining the Budget

When hosting a bridal shower, usually the hostess pays for the shower. You can however, get advice and consider co-hosting with members of the family and the bride’s close friends. The costs incurred can be split evenly between each of the hostesses. The best way to keep the costs low yet have an impressive and memorable shower is to choose a beautiful location and keep the decorations to a minimum. The other option is to have elaborate decorations. For example, theme it with the wedding decorations and colours. If the bride is getting an affordable red wedding dress for the main celebration, it is important that you keep the bridal shower simple yet elegant too. So consider hosting the event in someone’s home so that you can spend on the floral decorations and refreshments.

Decide the Date and Time of the Event

Most bridal showers usually take place on a weekend so speak to the bride in advance and find a date and time that works best for her first. Next you need to contact the rest of the guests and check if the time and date that is picked are convenient for them. In case, you want to keep the costs low, it is best to opt for a mid-afternoon shower that includes tea and refreshments rather than serving a full meal.


If the bride is included in the planning of the shower, then you can give the bride several locations to choose from. Some of the popular locations to host such an event are usually at someone’s home, a local restaurant or at an outdoor venue. Make sure that you reserve the venue if it is going to be rented for the event.

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