A Shapewear Style Guide for Every Woman

Having a perfectly shaped silhouette has been every woman’s dream. Ladies have tried different ways in order to achieve that hourglass figure everyone envies but some end up with no success. Luckily, shapewear have become one of the essential parts of any woman’s wardrobe. Body shapers help you achieve that perfectly toned and smooth silhouette in a stress freeway. Shapewear come in different styles and your choice depends on your targets areas, support level and the outfit you’ll be wearing. Making the right choice will help you attain that stunning body in a comfortable way.

Open Bust Shaper

This shaper style firms and tones your tummy, waist and back part. Its opening allows you to wear even your most comfortable bra for a more natural looking bust. It is ideal to be worn under dresses and skirts due to its streamlining effect on your torso.

Tummy Tucker

Also known as shaping panty, this style tucks in those extra belly fats and sometimes gives your rear an extra lift for a slimmer and sexier figure. Perfect to use when you gained some pounds and wanted to wear that pretty attire in your closet. It can be worn with dresses or any tight-fitting clothing. It also helps hide that visible panty line if you’re wearing tight pants.

Shaping Camisole

It looks more like the usual tank top but with the added support power. This style shapes your tummy, waist and back area while also shaping your bust. It is best worn under tight-fitting or knitted clothing as it prevents visible bra lines from showing.


Also known as waist clincher, it supports the belly and waist to give you that perfect hourglass silhouette. This may be the mother of all body shapers since its earliest use can be dated from the sixteenth century in British and Europe. Corsets are perfect to wear under that sexy body fit dress to flaunt that gorgeous hourglass figure.


This style is also known as a body briefer and gives overall shaping to your torso. Bodysuit shapewear are perfect to wear under any clothing type to spice up your overall body figure. Body shapers also have a wide range of sizes – from regular sized corsets to plus size bodysuits; you’ll surely find the perfect fit for you.

Thigh and Leg Shapers

These shapers are used to give an illusion of smoother and firmer thighs as it keeps the flabbiness under control. They also shape the butt without flattening and even enhance it by giving a subtle lift. Thigh and leg shapers are best worn under pants or jeans.

Saree Shaper

Specifically designed to be worn under sarees, this type of shaper gives its wearer a perfect mermaid shape. It is easy to wear, just like putting on a long skirt. Choosing the right size and colour is the most essential part in buying a saree shapewear.

You might be surprised to know that there are lots of choices for you when it comes to shopping for a shapewear. I hope this guide helped you in choosing what shaper fits your need and how to mix and match them with your favourite sexy outfits.

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