Artesian Water Facts You Should Know

The term “artesian water” is used to refer to a type of water that is obtained from free-flowing spring. What makes the water such a thing of wonder is the fact that it moves to the surface above without the help of any man-made pump. Instead, its natural pressure from deep down below is what powers the water to also naturally find its way upwards into the surface of the ground. Of course, the wonders of artesian water do not just end there. There are many benefits that people can get from drinking, bathing and using artesian water. Some of its many benefits are the following:

It’s Naturally Pre-Filtered

Artesian water is naturally pre-filtered which means it already went through the natural process of purification before it even reaches the surface above. This goes to say that artesian water is devoid of chemicals that many water companies use to purify potable water. With artesian water, you will be able to get water that tastes so great and so alive because all of its active compounds are not contaminated by harmful chemicals.

It Contains Fluoride

Since artesian water is a type of groundwater, it would also contain the mineral fluoride. Don’t be concerned with ingesting too much fluoride because artesian water usually contains just the right amount of fluoride in it. Our teeth and bones need most of the fluoride that we ingest. It prevents our teeth from decaying while also protecting our bodies from bone loss.

It is Rich in Calcium

Groundwater springs are rich in calcium deposits and this is why if you’re drinking artesian water you will also be able to ingest natural calcium. This mineral is so essential for our optimal health. It not only strengthens the bones. It also plays a role in muscle contraction and hormonal production.  Calcium is also important for proper nerve functioning. If you need to up your intake of calcium, might as well opt for artesian water. Or, book Moree accommodation and experience its instant therapeutic effects.

It Has Sodium Bicarbonate

Another naturally occurring mineral that one can get from artesian water is sodium bicarbonate. However, only the water that comes from underwater artesian springs may contain this mineral. So, if you’re planning to drink artesian water make sure you know its source so you will have an idea whether it actually contains sodium bicarbonate or not. Bathing with water containing sodium bicarbonate can be beneficial in healing many skin problems such as eczema and yeast infections. Sodium bicarbonate is also helpful for treating acne and for skin exfoliation.

It is loaded with Electrolytes

Artesian water contains a lot more electrolytes compared to any other types of plain drinking water. It’s the kind of water that went through numerous types of minerals from underground before it finally finds its way to the surface. Therefore, drinking more of it would also mean you will feel more energized. Electrolytes are so critical for proper cell functioning. Without enough electrolytes in the body, the cells will never be able to generate enough energy which in turn can have several adverse impacts to one’s overall health.

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