Organizing a Special Birthday Event for Your Little One – Minus the Stress…!

Are you organizing a party for your little one, but already stressing out about the stress you’ll be in? If so, the below suggestions for a stress free kiddo party are exclusively for you!

Keep Your Guest List Exclusive

Having a big crowd to please at any party is hard; but this is especially true in a kid’s party. Not only will it be hard for you to organize a place, food and activities for a large group, but if your child is weary of strangers (or some of your little guests are); then chances are that you’ll be wiping a lot of hysterical tears before long.

Be Mindful Of the Party Time

If you’re organizing a party for avery small child who still needs to nap during the day, then be mindful of yourparty’s starting and ending hours. Make sure you time it so that it is afteryou little one’s nap; so they are not cranky due to sleepiness, or not gettingto sleep enough. It’s also best to avoid having the party going for too long(as it can exhaust the kids…to the point of fighting and being cranky).

Organize a Crisis Support System

Yes, this is your party…but no oneexpects you to handle all the details by yourself. Even if this party is mainlyfor the kids, make sure to invite a handful of adults at least to help you keepthings sane and in control.

Don’t Have It At Home…!

If your invitee list is small, you might be tempted to have your party at home. We strongly suggest otherwise. Opt for party venue hire to make sure the venue is kid friendly, can be decorated ahead of all, and most importantly, not needed to clean up after you’re done with the party…!

Gone Are the Days of Homemade and Messy Delicacies

Gone are the days when throwing a party means you need to slave hours in the kitchen to feel the guests. Gone are the days when you select items for the menu without considering its messiness. Remember this is a party for kids; and kids are pretty easy to please. Opt for a caterer who specializes in kid party food, and it’ll all be taken care of.

Keep the Hydration at A Kid Friendly Place

All that running is definitely going to make your little ones thirsty, so make sure to keep hydrating options at hand. Make sure it is easily accessible by the kids; but not in a place where it can easily be knocked over.

Have a Practical List of Games to Play

What’s a kid’s party without a fewgames? Have a list of games to play that is not difficult to grasp even forfirst timers. At the same time, don’t try to be over ambitious and have toomany games lined up; as the kids will tire out.

Hire A Few Fun Toys

Don’t forget to hire a few fun toys that kids can playtogether. These are especially a great idea after the games you plan; when theice will break. Things like fun castles, trampolines or ball pits are enjoyedby kids of all age groups…

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