The Process of Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding maybe one of the most stressful things you do therefore it would be wiseto plan ahead and not leave anything till the last minute.


Deciding On a Theme

Before deciding on a location the first step would be to decide on a theme. For instance, if you want an outdoor themed wedding you could have a garden wedding or if you want a beach or ocean themed wedding you could have the wedding on the beach or even on a cruise. Once the theme is decided on, the location, the decorations, music and attire can all be planned accordingly.


The Guest List

The location is very important as you will need to decide on the number of guests to invite to the wedding. For instance, if you choose to have your celebrations on a cruise there might be a limited number of people that will be allowed and you would therefore have to invite your guests accordingly. Before confirming the location it would be a good idea to first see the location for yourself which would help you to gain an idea of whether or not the location is the right one for you.


How to Find the Best Location

Once you have decided on a location you should do your research into the different places that offer the kind of location you are looking for. Instead of putting all your hopes on to one location it would be best if you have three or four locations to choose from. One of the most effective ways to look for good wedding locations would be to search for them on the internet. For example if you want a wedding on a cruise you could search for wedding reception cruise Melbourne and look through the options that appear. You could browse through the ratings and comments given by other clients as this might help you gain a sense of whether it is the right location for you or not.


Pick Your Attire

Deciding on thedress code for your guests would take a lot of stress off them. Most people might not know what to wear or might have too many options to pick from. On the wedding invitation if you state the attire you want your guests to wear, for example, either smart casual, black tie or beach wear it would help your guest have a sense of what clothes to wear.

Wedding Invitation

Sending out the wedding invitations at least three weeks prior to the wedding would be best as then your guest will have enough time to save the date. This would also give them enough time to RSVP which would help you plan ahead.

Bridal Party

Do not leave the dress fittings for the last minute as you should keep in mind it is not just the bride and groom who need to get their clothes on time but the bridal party as well. Bridesmaid dresses and the suites for the groomsmen should be designed and made accordingly weeks before. Dress fittings for the bride and the bridesmaid should be done in advance in case there are adjustments that need to be done.

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