Why You Need Clothes Made From Silk

Whether you use it always or occasionally, one worldly material that a person can’t live without is clothes. Blouses, T-shirts, dresses, jumpers, cardigans, jeans, pants, shorts — name it and surely your closet has it. With a number of clothes hung and folded in your closet, a lot would probably admit that they are guilty of complaining about having nothing to wear.

The thing is, having nothing to wear does not literally mean that you do not have clothes to wear. To say it only means that you already wore almost everything in your closet. And finding yourself saying it amidst your quest for the best clothes to wear for your dinner tonight or meet-ups with friends this afternoon means only one thing – you need to buy new clothes.

But what to buy? Rather than think of ‘what to buy’ the best probing question should be, what’s the fabric of the new clothes should I buy? Clothes are all the same. Aside from cut and style, what makes a clothing unique is the fabric it is made of. Given that there are 5 basic fabric types that include wool, cotton, linen, worsted, and silk, a matter of fact is that there are enormous fabric variations of the mentioned basic fabric.

Yet among the five fabric types, there’s only one queen fabric – silk.

The Aesthetics of Silk as a Fabric

Silk is considered a luxurious fabric not because it is shiny in appearance but for the fact that it is durable and versatile. Its lightweight and softness make it a good fabric for everyday clothing like blouses, sleeves, and dresses.

Before it could get moist, quality silk clothes would absorb liquid thirds of its original weight, which makes you feel dry and comfortable in any climate when you wear it.

The Science behind Silk Fabrics

Silk fabric is made through the natural process of silk production called sericulture. Compared to other fabrics, it can regulate body temperature which helps you preserve your body heat during cold weather. That’s the very reason why most winter jackets and sweaters have silk sew as its inner layer.

Since it is naturally produced by cultured silkworms, the fabric can repel moulds and mildews. It’s a good fabric for people with sensitive skin as this type of fabric is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t need any chemicals to look shiny as it has a natural lustre from the smooth threads that were woven together to form the fabric.

Best of all, it’s a fabric that can last for years. It would still look good as if you’ve just recently bought it.

Fill Up Your Closet…

So if you are planning to buy new clothes to add in your collection, buying a few pieces of clothes made from silk fabric is a good decision. Not only that, it is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style, but it also allows you to mix and match for whatever occasion. Plus, it is easy to maintain which makes it the most loved fabric used in heirlooms and legacy pieces that are passed from one generation to another.

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